Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scammers Suck!

So I recentaly traded my Jordan white cement IVs for another guys Jordan XI Space Jams. The deal was he would send the shoes and give me the tracking number, then I would send my shoes and give him a tracking number. A couple days after I sent my shoes, the tracking for the Space Jams that were supposed to come to me (I live in San Diego), said that the Space Jams were delievered in WINDSOR MILL, MD. So the scammer must have sent the shoes to his friend in MD, instead of me. Well I went to the post office today and because my IVs were not delivered to the scammer yet, I had them redirected back to me. So not really a big deal because I'm getting my shoes back.

Enough about that. Here is a pic I took before I sent my white cement IVs out.
IV Line

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Anonymous said...

crazy. I live in windsor mill, md. lol