Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chicago and NY state.

Here are some pictures I took on my trip to a few cities in upstate New York and Chicago.

Pictures from a glass museum.
Glass thing 2

Glass thing 1

Pattern 1


Glass mega planet price

Glass world

Some new denim.
denim 2


denim 1

chi pani

Old car

The Bean.
The bean 2

The Bean 1

Some outdoor theater.
Chi. theater

Chicago bars

Chicago 5

Chicago 2

Chicago 1

Took a train...
Chicago train get to here.

UofC pani

A sketch I did.
ajj sketch

Thanks for looking. Feel free to leave a commment.


vintage_heat said...

ice pictures from chicago..nice the B&W effect!
and besides that: really have to go back to the US one day..
was ther once for like 10 years month New York..;and ever since, wanting to go back

Charlie.B said...

whats up homie, i'm just a wondering whats up with those denim jeans. i really like the button combination more ?

your Light Box set up...could you give me some advice on a good one or what kind?